Blood Bowl: 5th Nuln Artillery (xbox360)

We picked up a copy of Blood Bowl for the Xbox a week or so ago. It's pretty much a direct conversion of the board game - which is cool if you like the board game :) The interface is kinda rough but it play great and looks pretty darn good. I picked a human team, to be able to choose a throwing or running game as circumstances require, though the team has quickly drifted towards a throwing game (which causes trouble against other teams like Skaven and Wood Elves that are dodgy and throw).

My current roster:

  • Lineman x2 (Block)
  • Lineman (Dodge, on a lucky double)
  • Lineman (Kick)
  • Lineman x4
  • Blitzer (Block, Stand Firm)
  • Blitzer (Block, Tackle)
  • Blitzer (Block, injured -1 MA - need to replace him when I get the money)
  • Blitzer (Block)
  • Catcher (Dodge, Catch, Block...something else I forget. Need to use this guy to score less to level others)
  • Catcher (Dodge, Catch, Block)
  • Thrower (Pass, Sure Hands, Accurate, Block, +1 AG)
  • Thrower (Pass, Sure Hands - just got this guy to have another ball handler)

Suffers from some Newbie-itus on skill choices, and again heavily biased towards the thrower and catchers as they make so many ocmpletions and touchdowns - I really need to concentrate on getting my linemen and blitzers levels, either through handing them the ball at less critical moments or stepping up how many injuries they cause. I've also been thinking of getting an Ogre to hold the central line, but wondering if he's more of a liability than a help.

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