CJP's Lizardmen Warband

So after a quick lesson with my spare Skaven, the wife was looking through the armies trying to decide which one she'd like best. Initially she was thinking Vampires, but then had to choose between High Elves and Lizardmen. Deciding that High Elves were too dull compared to dinosaurs, she went with Lizardmen. The army book, a box of Saurus Warriors, and a box of Skinks are on their way. Her current warband consists of two small units of Skink Skirmishers, three Saurus Warriors, and a Skink Chief (currently modeled as bases with names markered on them). She whipped out her polymer clay and has been making base decorations for them - the rank and file lizards have a paved-stone base that we made a mold for so they can be quickly pressed out. The bricks are square, not interleaved, and some of them have decoration/designs in them. For the chief, she made a big stone block for him to stand on (we'll probably make him from the Skink box) with glyphs in the side. For a color scheme, she is going for a teal for the skinks with brown and red stripes or camo-accents. For the Saurus, she is thinking either red or orange with purple stripes.

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  1. One thing about paint schemes- she may want to look around on the intertubes to see if anyone tried that scheme before, and how it turned out. Orange/purple sounds like it could be awesome or awful, depending.