Rethinking Warband and the Future of the Kyrg Horde

With CJ's Lizard army on the way, we've been thinking about moving to higher points (199 till she's really comfortable with it and then moving up to to the 250-300 range, which adds magic items, special and rare units, and more allowance for characters). With my Skaven, I'm going to have to add a lot of guys to even make 199, not to mention beyond that. Then, I want to replace my monkey-rats with the new ones...
I'm thinking more and more that we need to limit ourselves to two armies in a household - Lizardmen and Warriors of Chaos. I already have a good WoC army going, though all cavalry/monsters, it would do me good to add some infantry. I already have the elite covered (Knights, Dragon Ogres), so it would be fun to play with some cheap ranked cannon fodder - which means just one thing: Marauders of Chaos.
The reason I haven't picked up any so far is cosmetic. These are the Marauder models:
Yea. They look like mini He-Mans wearing bondage gear. Also that drummer there might be a very butch chick...not that there's anything wrong with that.
However, there is hope! In February the new Beastmen are coming out. Here are the Gors:
Much better. Also muscle-y but for some reason it doesn't bother me as much. They are very goat/sheep-like which is pretty cool. The base size is the same for both the Marauders and the Gors (25mm). The Marauders come 16 to a box; the Gors 10 to a box but cheaper. It works out that each Marauders costs $2.20 ($1.75 on a 20% off like WarStore or Guardian league pricing). Each Gor costs $2.50 ($2.00). Could be worse I suppose.
I'll try my Warriors of Chaos in a warband as soon as CJ has her Lizards up and going to 199 pts. Unfortunately I only have Marauder Horsemen as core (the Warhounds don't count towards core units) so my army is going to be small but really really annoying.

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