Defense at Silver Hollow - Pregame

After a hiatus, we got back into Dungeons & Dragons. We started over with yet another campaign (I know!), but based on the last setting in Silver Hollow, combined with the more epic storyline from the previous Master of the Dead campaign. I know the players probably didn't want to start over, but Master of the Dead suffered pretty hard from my newbie dm railroad, while the Silver Hollow/Exotic Meat Procurement campaign didn't have enough of a story to keep the players interested. We have played a few session on this new campaign and I think it's going to last through the end. The goals for this campaign:

  • Starting at level 4 (players are tired of starting at 1, again).
  • Epic storyline with meaningful choices.
  • Mix of combat and social interaction.
  • Travel with dungeon, urban, and wilderness combat.
  • Flexible enough to allow players to come and go.

The player characters start out in the walled city of Silver Hollow, meeting up for drinks and remenicence on the fourth anniversary of a heroic delivery of medicines to cure a horrible plague.

Starting players:

  • Malik al-Magriba (Nick), Shifter Warlord. A bow-wielding cat-man from the shifter Caliphate in the deserts to the east.
  • The Fantastic Phoenixfire (Cathe), Dragonborn Sorcerer. A mysterious circus performer from parts unknown.
  • Fyodora (Lisa), Elf Monk. A master of mind and body from the icy north.
  • Luccio Rossi (Adam), Drow Rogue. A former privateer from the City-States to the south-west.

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