Wear Them Proudly...

It is no secret to our Saturday night gaming group that I really want a "Yes, they ARE natural" shirt (once I have lost all of my baby weight from last October).
In the meantime, TJP (GamerDad1.0) and I have had opportunities to attend PAX, a JoCo and Paul and Storm concert and W00tsock. I will have a couple of other related posts in the near future regarding these events. I thought I would share with you a couple of shirts you will not find in stores...
Before attending PAX in September of 2009, TJP made a shirt. A shirt for his 8-month-pregnant wife to wear to PAX so she would still feel like a geek...
@Timsmartini Twittered about making this shirt and included @pvponline (Scott Kurtz) since one of his characters was quoted. Scott Kurtz shared the shirt with his followers. When we went to PAX, we were able to get Scott Kurtz to autograph the shirt and I got my picture taken with him (boo-ya!)(FYI Scratch Fury is one of my favorite cartoon characters EVER!)
Fast forward to Mother's Day weekend 2010; w00tstock 2.1 at the Aladdin Theater in Portland. After listening to the Penny Arcade podcasts that included @wilw, TJP created a shirt in honor of Wil Wheaton's fallen character.
When the nearly FIVE HOUR show wrapped up, we were able to stand in line for autographs. Wil Wheaton not only autographed the shirt - he twitpic'd it.
My husband is a geek. I love my geek. I wear his geeky creations proudly as a badge of honor that I too am a geek. One day I will be able to share with the PDX/'Couver geeks that they are natural. I will wear the message proudly on my +2 Mountainous Knockers :-)
(Pictured: Adam Savage, TJP, and Wil Wheaton)

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