Riders of Slaanesh vs. Empire

750 pt battle to the death. Essentially the same list as last time for me. Nick's Empire mini-army consisted of a greatcannon with master engineer, a block of spears with warrior priest and detachment of swordsmen, a line of handgunners, and a unit of mounted pistoliers. One unit of Marauder Horsemen lined up to take out the cannon on the left flank; hounds were in front of the knights with sorcerer to shield them from gunfire; the other unit of hounds and marauders were ready to take on the pistoliers on the right flank. The knights and shielding hounds lost one each from a cannon shot before the marauders hit the cannon crew. The crew and master engineer held out for a surprising several turns before being overrun, thus keeping the marauders out of the rear of the spear block. The right flank hounds and marauders started a dance of pointlessness with the pistoliers as they were slowly whittled down by pistol fire while never getting the empire horsemen in charge arc. The shielding hounds declared a charge on the swords detachment to clear the path for the knights to hit the handgunners; the hounds cleared just fine but the knights were short, taking both a stand-and-shoot as well as standing right there for another volley the next turn, and being far enough away for yet another stand-and-shoot when they charged on my next turn. The sorcerer failed to get off any spells; either Lash of Slaanesh (standard magic missile) or Titillating Visions (hey, look over there, shiny!) would have been nice. Oh well. He has the same stats as a knight (minus the lance), which was handy as there were only two knights (standard bearer and champion) plus him left once they reached the handgunners. They broke the gunners and pursued, more to get out of the spear's charge arc than to catch the runners, who stayed on the table this turn but failed to rally the next and were chased off. Meanwhile, the fast cavalry duel was just eating marauders, so the flank hounds and horsemen ignored the empire riders and galloped (slowly, stupid marchblocking) back towards the main battle. The left flank horsemen finally broke the cannon crew and overran them. The remaining spear block put its rear to the nearby pond while its detachment was still held up by the last remaining hound. The left flank horsemen had juuuust enough range to charge the flank of the spear block, while the knights/sorcerer destroyed the swords detachment outright and overran into the front of the spears. With 5 high-strength attacks from the flank and 7 from the front, plus horses, the spear block folded and broke, running hopelessly from the marauders. Game conceeded at the bottom of the 4th.

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  1. My mistake was not having enoug units- If I were to remake this army, I would cut out some handgunners and a rank off of the spears, in order to exchange the engineer for a wizard or battle standard.

    Empire units have to be big to be useful, and that gives me fewer deployments then you, and you run right down my flank.

    :shakes fist: see you at 1000, Slaaneshi scum!