Silver Hollow - Religion

The Triumvirate of Silver Hollow The people of Silver Hollow, beyond their personal or racial religious beliefs, venerate the three goddesses as the divine guardians of their city. Avandra, patron goddess of Trade. Prayers and offerings to Avandra are given to assure the safe passage of caravans and good luck in trade negotiations. Ioun, patron goddess of Knowledge. Ioun is invoked by researchers, planners, and scholars to help them find the information they are looking for. Erathis, patron goddess of Civilization. The people pray to Erathis for the continued order and safety of the city. Darker Sides Each of the goddesses has a darker aspect which whispers to the unwary. Tiamat, the five-headed dragon of Greed. Success in trade can lead to greed - Tiamat feeds the desire to horde and covet. Lolth, spider-mother of Secrets. The pursuit of knowledge above all else - and all others - drives those under the influence of Lolth to keep such information to themselves, until it can be used to greatest end. AsmodeƩ, devil-temptress of Power. Civilization gives those in power control over others; AsmodeƩ tempts those in power to seek more, at any expense.

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