Titus Bastardious

Nick and I got into Arcane Legions after we saw it at PAX. It's a minis wargame that is semi-collectable and inexpensive. Out of the three factions (Han Chinese, Romans, Egyptians), I chose Romans and Nick chose Egyptians. My units are generally well armored, with lots of defense and medium attack. My favorite unit so far (and the one that most annoys Nick) is Titus Petronius. Five dual-sword-weilding legionaires and a commander, all in steam power-armor, can't go wrong. They are quite strong on attack - 9 attack dice plus a special command for two auto-damage - but are also monsters on defense: 7 defense dice plus an extra die vs. melee for Heavy Armor, plus take one less damage total for Toughness, plus they are 2-peg models. Yowzah. The only downside is a movement of 3. With Roman's Discipline, they can reform for attack, attack, special order, and reform for defense for 5 order points. When army building, his 1250 cost is high but not out of line for Romans, especially considering outrageously expensive units such as the questionably useful Bear Cavalry or the fragile Marcus Aggripa. Now if only I could land myself some Berserkers...

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