Silver Hollow

Silver Hollow is a sizable city located in a shallow valley between two mountain passes. A major trade road crosses the mountain range at this point; the coffers of Silver Hollow are rich with tariffs collected from passing traders and caravans. Wealthy merchant families from many different races have permanent residences in the city. The city is named for the dwarven mines that the city was originally built around. The shafts were excavated to mine Etherium Silver, a shimmering near-liquid used in enchanting. The trade road runs east and west through the passes, through gates in the East and West Walls that guard the city. The middle-class Eastwall and Westwall districts house craftsmen and minor traders. The central Market Circle is the home of the elite merchant families and the banking and insurance halls. In the south-east of the valley lies The Fields, several small farms that supply fresh fruits and vegetables. On the slopes of Goat Mountain to the south is Herdertown, home of weavers and cheesemakers, as well as goat- and sheep-herders who graze their flocks on the alpine meadows above. To the north of Market Circle lies a gash in the rock - The Chasm is a twisting alley that runs narrowly between buildings clinging to the high rock walls. Anything and everything can be found for sale in this sketchy district. Beyond this, on the slopes of Silver Mountain lies Minertown, the remenants of the village built around the now-closed mines. Outside the gates of walls are The Slopes, a collection of huts and tents, home to those too poor or outcast to live even in the squalor of Minertown.

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